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Internacional twinning Morocco-European Union

The National Archive of Catalonia collaborates with the Moroccan government to modernize the official photo library

Procediments judicials militars

Adapt the documentation to make it accessible to the researcher

Journalism records

Recovery of funds from the journalistic world

International cooperation

Technical cooperation in the Historical Archive of the National Police of Guatemala

Europeana Photography

Participation in the more important online photographic collection of Europe

Historical memory

Collaboration with the Democratic Memorial for the recovery, description and diffusion of documental records related to the Civil War, the exile and the Franquist repression

Restitution Salamanca

Project documentation restitution of confiscated following the Civil War

Youth institutions records

Program for the protection and safeguard of the documental heritage of the juvenile entitiese

Companies records

Project for the promotion of the preservation of Catalan companies historical archivespe

Records related to the Catalan Commonwealth

Digitization and diffusion of the Records of Enric Prat de la Riba, in collaboration with the Diputació of Barcelona

Archive of the Civil War and the exile

Location and recovery of documental records related to the Civil War and the exile