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ANC CAT/ Archive of Management (A. Pascual and S. del Val)

As the general archive of the administration, it deposits, restores and manages the records generated by the political and administrative action of the departments, organizations and companies belonging to the Generalitat de Catalunya.

As a historical archive, the National Archive of Catalonia restores every other private documentation that, because of its testimonial and referential value, has a special significance for the knowledge of the national history.

The National Archive of Catalonia is ascribed to the Department of Culture, in the General Direction of the Cultural Heritage. It is integrated into the System of Archives of Catalonia (SACK), being the principal of the Archives of the Generalitat de Catalunya.


The National Archive of Catalonia is, on the one hand, the general archive of the Catalan administration, and of the other one, a national historical archive.

The remotest antecedent of the National Archive of Catalonia goes back to 1412, when Barcelona's Courts agreed on the creation of an archive for the historical Generalitat or Regional Government of the General.

However, It was not until 1936 when the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya created the General Archive of Catalonia, direct predecessor of the National Archive of Catalonia, with the purpose of of gathering together and managing the documents produced by the public administrations of Catalonia. With the burst of the Civil War, the General Archive of Catalonia assumed the task of concentrating the documentation that the Generalitat had put under its custody to protect it form the danger of the war. The entry of the pro-Franco troops in Catalonia and the consolidation of Franco's dictatorship, though, meant the suppression of the archive and the stoppage of the tasks that it developed.

Once the dictatorship was over, on November 28th of 1980 the restored Generalitats's government created the National Archive of Catalonia and conceded to it the mission of protecting the Catalan documental heritage. Ever since, the institution has watched over the conservation of the national historical and of the Catalan administration records with the last purpose of guaranteeing the access to them to all the citizenship.

In 1995 the National Archive of Catalonia moved to Sant Cugat del Vallès, where its definite headquarters is placed. The current building has a useful surface constructed of 12,625 square meters and the possibility to store in its 32 deposits 62 kilometers of shelves with documents.