We are a multidisciplinary team of persons who watch over the correct management and diffusion of the National Archive of Catalonia's records

It preserves and manages the documental witnesses produced by the public administration in Catalonia, especially during the 20th century.

It restores and manages all that documentation that has a special significance for the knowledge of our collective history.

It gives the specific treatment to the documents of image and sound in its several supports, which have acquired an increasing importance in the whole of the documental heritage.

It carries out the programs of reprography while making the follow-up of the technological innovations in the field of the information and the documental treatment, and it elaborates the pertinent programs for its implementation in the Archive.

It carries out the tasks of control, preservation, conservation and material consolidation of the documents that the Archive guards, while promoting programs of documental preservation in collaboration with other public and private institutions.

It provides the resources of information and advice to the users and manages the consulting service in the documental, bibliographical and hemerographic records of the Archive. It also coordinates the room of consultation and the library.

In reference to projection, diffusion and communication, it carries out all those cultiural actions directed to introduce the Archive's documental records and thier content to the different segments of the society.

It promotes among the teaching staff and the students of secondary the didactics of the history with archive recprds. It makes it through the utilization of the documental records of the archive as a source for the study and the research, as well as through the elaboration of documental and didactic resources.