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In line the documentation of the Comissió Jurídica Assessora of the Generalitat de Catalunya during the Second Republic

Documentation generated by the institution of republican period

27/02/2017 06:02
Documents of the Advising Juridical Commission

In 2016 the digitization of the docu­mentation of the Comissió Jurídica Assessora of the Ge­neralitat of Catalonia during the Second Republic has been finished and the resulting images have been associated with the online catalog that describes the documents deposited at the end of 2013 by the Superior Court of Justice and the current Comissió Jurídica Assessora.

The documental records of the Juridical Commission, formed by 199 described documents, understands all the period of activity of the institution, between October 1932 and in August 1936. The administrative documentation of the organization and the one generated by the functions that were own for him contains, especially the legislative one, to which he dedicated the major part of its activity. Con­sultar can in line the documents of constitution and internal organitza­ció, documentation of secretary's office, relations of members of the Commission and of its sections, the di­etes of its members, the minutes of the sessions, cor­respondència, the reports, reports and jurí­dics judgements in answer to the consultations brought up by the Government and the reports of elaboration of the preliminary sketches of law. The Commission showed sixteen preliminary sketches of law, on the subject of public law as well as of private law, of which nine became laws approved by the Parla­ment; some fundamental ones in the new Catalan ju­rídic ordering. And he started to prepare four preliminary sketches more that it did not manage to show.

The whole deposited in l'ANC also gathers together a small group of documents produced between June 1937 and November 1938 by the Comissió Tècnica Assessora. It was a consultative organ of technical character, created by order of the counselor of Justice of 24 May of 1937 with the function of informing all questions that him fos­sin subjected by the Ministry. It was integrated by judges and magistrates designated freely by the counselor of Justice and presided by the president of the Court of Cassation of Catalonia.

The documents of both Commissions and others of related add up a total of 234, the catalog of which is available in line, as well as the 2.626 digital images that replay them, which find associates with the respective descriptions.

He understands all the period of activity of the institution, between October 1932 and in August 1936