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Jocs Olímpics. Fotografies del fons Avelino Pi

Exhibition of one of the referents of the sport photograph of the country, until october 26th in the National Archive

31/08/2018 01:08
Olympic Games. Photographs of the background Avelino Pi

Avelino Pi Flores (Barcelona, 1933-2017) has been one of the referents of the sport photograph of the country, carrying out an interesting career of reporter in the fields and circuits of all the world. Tall, elegant and fighter man was known by the colleagues of profession for the “gentleman of the photograph of sports”. Chemist of formation, a photographer was an autodidact who initiated herself professionally in the world of the image at the beginning of the decade of 1970.

Its interest for the sport, wore it to photograph contests of tennis, field hockey, regattas of sail, golf or football, but it was to the Olympic Games where he achieved some of its more emblematic images. He photographed, among others, the Olympic Games of Munich, Montreal, Athens, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Sydney, etc.

He always looked for the technical perfection in its photographs. The use of cameras of half formed, of telephoto lenses and its formation of chemist, they propitiated to be able to obtain images of great very saturated quality and colors, which we can contemplate in its photographic background. Beyond the very studied framings, Avelino Pi became interested in picking up also concrete instants, expressions and emotional situations, of the sports and of the sportsmen that it portrayed. How he himself suggested, «...with my photographs I want to explain that the sport is a reflection of the life and a constant fight. There are very difficult moments and other plenums of glory and euphoria. In this fight the sport is summarized».

Its work was presented with success in organized exposures to Caixa Forum, in the Palau Robert of Barcelona, in the South Street Seaport Museum of New York, in the Museu Marítim of Barcelona, in the Olympic Museum of Lausana, etc.

In year 2014 the National Archive of Catalonia acquired the photographic background of Avelino Pi. It is integrated by about 80,000 images, they are mostly negatives and slides, but there are also contacts and enlargements for exhibitions.


«The life is a constant fight, the sport is a reflection of the life» Avelino Pi