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The list of juridical repair of victims of the Franco's regime in open data (update 01/12/2018)

The National Archive of Catalonia to facilitate the searches offers the data in xlsx format and csv

12/07/2017 13:07
Open data of the list victims of the Franco's regime

On the 7th July, in application of Llei 11/2017, del 4 de juliol, de reparació jurídica de víctimes del franquisme DOGC núm. 7406, 06/07/2017 (correcció d'errades DOGC núm. 7406, de 17.7.2017),the National Archive of Catalonia it published the list of juridical repair of victims of the Franco's regime (1938-1978) in PDF format (update 01/12/2018)

The relation includes surnames and name of the repressaliada person, sex, type of procedure, number of cause, date of beginning of the cause, date of approval of the sentence or another resolution, imposed sentence, commutation or the pardon asked, executed persons, and the reference of archive of the originals that keep in the Arxiu Militar del Tribunal Territorial Tercer de Barcelona. 

Now, to facilitate searches the open data also include the age, the birth place and of residence. And soon this information will also be consultable from the searcher online Archives.

Access to the documentation

To consult the originals and/or to obtain reproductions of the documentation it is necessary to address the requests in the Arxiu Militar del Tribunal Territorial Tercer de Barcelona.

Electronic mail address: archivotribunalmilitarbcn@oc.mde.es

Postal address: Portal de la Pau, s/n - 08002 Barcelona

Rectification of names and/or surnames

To request the list of juridical victims of the Franco's regime the rectification of names and surnames of persons who appear, address your request to anc.cultura@gencat.cat facilitating data of filiation of the repressaliada person: name and surnames, place and it dates since birth, town where he lived in the period, or other complementary identificatives data.

Certificates of annulment of sentences or resolutions

As of Tuesday 12 September, the application for this invalidity document may be made in person at all the citizen attention offices of the Generalitat of Catalonia, through the Department of Justice website and by calling the telephone 012. In a maximum period of 30 days, the documents will be delivered to the headquarters and territorial services of the Department of Justice. Those who wish to do so will also be able to receive it by email.
The document where the Minister of Justice, Carles Mundó, states the invalidity of the full rights of the causes, judgments and resolutions handed over to the victims and their families accompanied by a letter from the President of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont . The president emphasizes that the annulment document "restores the honor, dignity and memory" of a victim "unjustly prosecuted by Franco's courts."