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Records donation

Donation in the background

The National Archive of Catalonia can receive documental donations of physical and juridical persons.

Who can give a record

Any person, family, entity or company that legally possesses a document, record or collection that could be interesting as a documental heritage of Catalonia.

How to give a record

To start the process of donation it is necessary to the direction of the National Archive of Catalonia to address a writing with a brief description of the record, through the electronic mail anc.cultura@gencat.cat or the address of postal mail: c/Jaume I, 33-51, 08195 Sant Cugat del Vallès. 

The National Archive promises to give answer to the request once the suitability of the entry of the record appraised.

Why to give a record to the National Archive

Because it will guarantee its correct conservation, he will apply processes of restoration and archival treatment there when it falls, and he will watch over its diffusion making it for the citizens available.

Update:  23.09.2016