Informació i consulta
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Information and consultation

information and consultation

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We offer the services of specialized advisory and public and free consultation

Service of information and reference

We advice the users about its research and about the documental, bibliographical and hemerographical records of the archive where they can obtain more useful information. The users are also informed about the instruments of description, the conditions of access to the records and the services of the archive. Information of reference is provided about records of other centers of archive.

The service can be requested on persone, telephone or electronic mail.

Consulting service

All the documents of the archive are consultables once they have a suitable instrument of description. Only those documents that are subject to restrictions of access are excluded from consultation by reasons of conservation or legal.

It is necessary that the user is proved with the DNI, passport or drivers license. Those users wh are minors of 18 years can access to the service of consultation through the Didactic Service.

The previous reservation of documents can be requested telephonically or by electronic mail.