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Education Service

Didactic Service

We put at the disposal of the teaching staff and of the students of primary and secondary, resources and didactic activities in order to near the youngsters to the sources documental and to the discovery of the history.

The Blog of the Didactic Service shows for the pupils, proposals to carry out the Work of Research and methodological resources of support for the observation and the analysis of the documents, as historical source. The teachers will find didactic and material dossiers of support linked to the curriculum and that promote the competence work there. Also didactic materials of the exhibitions produced by the National Archive.

The searcher ANC@ula allows the location and consultation of the archive documents selected by the Didactic Service. The teaching staff will find there resource that documentaries will facilitate it the utilization of the primary sources in the context of the classroom, and the pupil will be able to broaden the contents of the credits and initiate himself into the processes of research.stamp PRINT CMYK


We offer resources and personalized attention to teachers and pupils to make them live the documental heritage